New grill

In preparation for Labor Day, I tried to get the grill working. Since the grill has probably not been fired up in about 3 years, it’s not in the best shape. As I started cleaning out the old lava rocks, the burners crumbled into rust and dust. 🙁
So, the decision whether to get a new grill, or try to fix the one that’s there. I went to Walmart and looked around, finally finding that I could get replacement burners to stick in there. Looks like I can also get a replacement grill surface. So I can essentially have a new grill for about $35, rather than the $150 or $200 it would cost to actually replace the whole thing.
So I got a new burner, and spent the last hour assmbling it and coaxing it into the grill. And, voila, I have a new grill, sort of, and should be able to grill something tomorrow. I’m very pleased with myself.
Of course, the grill surface itself is in pretty poor shape, and I also spent about a half hour scrubbing it until it looks like I could actually cook on it and not die as a result. And I’ve replaced the icky nasty 10-year-old lava rocks with nice new ceramic briquettes.
So, perhaps tomorrow I’ll see if I actually remember how to grill something. 🙂