Gas over $3

Gas prices have risen more than 60 cents over the last 48 hours. I filled my tank at $2.42, paying $42 to fill it, two evenings ago. Yesterday evening, the price was $3.09 for the cheap stuff.

I simply don’t believe that their costs have risen that much in that period. The gas industry uses every disaster, natural and otherwise, as an excuse to raise the price, without ever lowering it when conditions improve. I fear that we’ll never again cross the $2 mark, and we may never again cross the $3 mark. In which case I might have to trade my Jeep in on something more economical. 🙁

And, speaking of non-renewable resources, it appears that this is my 1000th post. Yeah, I know the ID number is more than 1000. Not sure where those other numbers went. But this is the 1000th. Woot.