Moving on up

This afternoon I took posession of my house, and started moving a few things over. I moved a few hundred books, since I don’t have enough book boxes. And I moved my server rack, and the 4 servers which have been languishing in my garage for the last few years. I hope they all still boot, as at least two of them were very very nice servers at one point.

It looks like there are a few repairs that need to be done on the house – mostly rotting window frames, and a little bit if crumbling steps and sidewalks – but apart from that, everything looks good.

I picked up a couple very nice couches at a yard sale for next to nothing, and moved those, and a selected few other things.

But now I need to start packing for my trip tomorrow, as I leave for OSCon tomorrow evening, and I’m not quite packed yet.

I’m going to return home to a *LOT* of work that will have to get done in a very short period of time. But after that work, I’ll be in my own house, and have room to turn around without bumping into something.

This is the last night that I’ll be in this apartment. Sarah is a little sad about that, but also happy about it. Mostly sad because we won’t have a pool any more. Maybe we can keep the key and sneak back over occasionally. Muhahaha!