In the airport, again

Once again I’m in the Bluegrass Airport, on the free wireless network.

For the record, *ALL* airports should have free wireless. It’s about the only thing that makes this airport tolerable. Or any airport, for that matter.

I am *so* tired of travelling. I am so tired of airports. Tired of the TSA. Tired of ear-bleedingly-loud PA systems begging for my attention and telling me that security is everyone’s job.

I’m telling you, one of these days, I’m actually going to report the “suspicious” looking people, and it’ll bring things to a grinding halt. That guy over there is wearing a Beatles T-shirt. That must be suspicious. And that group over there is sitting around on the floor *praying*! They must be fanatics.

And that guy sitting over there with the loptop has an open file share with confidential business documents in it. Clearly suspicious.


As much as I enjoy OSCon, I’m really not looking forward to this one. I wonder if I can wrangle an earlier flight home.