More about turntables

ok, the reason that I was looking for a turntable is that I am attempting to convert a HUGE stack of LPs to MP3 and/or CD. The turntable that I have quit working well. More specifically, it plays records great, but when I plug into the audio out port, I get nasty buzzing. So, more accurately, the turntable works fine, but the amp portion is icky.

So, rather than spending buncha bucks on an entirely new stereo system, I decided to just get some wires, and patch into where the speakers come out. This is actually working really well, and I’m getting good quality sound.

I’m currently “ripping” my tape of Van Halen 1984.

I remember the first time I heard “Jump.” I was in a pickup truck, in Florida. It was 1984. I was going home with my best friend (I can’t even remember his name. Isn’t that pathetic?) for a sleepover. His uber-cool big brother was driving, and he popped in the brand new tape from Van Halen, cranked it up, and played Jump. Pretty cool stuff.

So, with the new/old technology in place, I can resume my lengthy project.