Migrating to Apache 2.0

Now that I have given a “Migrating to Apache 2.0” talk a few times, I
thought it might be a good time to try it myself. Actually, my last PHP
web site went away, and I’m not using mod_perl on the server in
question, so it seemed like a reasonable thing to try. Also, after my
latest frustrations with mod_gzip, a move to mod_deflate seemed like a
good idea as well.

So, I’m moving one of my two main servers to Apache 2.0.

The hardest part of the entire process really seems to be the swap
itself, because there are so many hard-coded path-names laying around
pointing to /usr/local/apache. So I’m building Apache2 in
/usr/local/apache2, I’ll do some symlinking for a bit while I rebuild it
in /usr/local/apache, and then … well, it should just work. I think.