Migrating to 2.0, part two

I got done migrating to Apache 2.0 on Eris. I’m actually still running two daemons. I’m running Dav in its own process, on an alternate port. I built a very stripped-down Apache, taking out all the modules that I did not think I would need. I’ll bet I could make it even more stripped down, but it seems to be pretty good. I’m running it with Worker, and just a few threads.

The other process is bigger – ie more modules – and running SSL as well. I’m running worker on that also, and it really seems to be running faster. I suppose I could be imagining this, but it feels snappier. This could also be because I’m running mod_deflate. I was using mod_gzip before, but this cause some problems, as mentioned in an earlier note.

My other main server is still running 1.3, because I feel better with 1.3 and mod_perl. Hopefully, I can move that to 2.0 real soon now also.