IRC Sabatical

This evening, when I *really* needed to get some writing done, I instead spent the entire evening helping some folks on #apache. Now, the time I spend on #apache, I consider to be one of my important contributions to the Apache HTTPd community, and I don’t grudge anyone that time. But I appear to have trouble tearing myself away when I actually need to get some work done.

Additionally, when I start losing patience with folks for their questions, it’s probably time for me to take a little time off. It doesn’t do anyone any good to be the one yelling at them to RTFM.

So, I’ll be taking a week or two off from #apache. I’ll likely be on some of the other channels I frequent, although that will likely be a little less frequent, too, since I tend to wind up doing Apache (and, particularly in the last few months, mod_rewrite) support on whatever channel I’m on. Granted, it gives me good article ideas, but then I don’t get my real work done.