400 status codes photo gallery

Warning: This is extremely geeky humor. Don’t expect to get it if you’re not an HTTP person. Be very worried if you do get it.

400 Hello, room service. … I beg your pardon? …. I’m sorry sir, I’m not catching what you’re saying. Could you please turn down the television and ask again more slowly?

400 Darned key doesn’t work. Just a sec. Let me try again. Ok, one more time. Bah!

400 What do you mean my credit card was declined?

400 No, you may not go in there. Please don’t ask again.

400 I can’t find the room anywhere! Are you sure we’re on the right floor?

400 You might want to try the door instead of the window.

400 I don’t think that’s your key card. Looks like your ATM card.

400 Ok, little boy, we’re probably going to need to get your mom’s permission before we let you in there.

400 You already checked out

400 I think they’re still cleaning that room.

400That room blew away in the hurricane

400How long will you be staying with us?

400We don’t seem to have any non-smoking rooms this evening.

400Hey, Joe, we’re going to need one of those rooms with the reinforced beds.

400Wow. Is that some kind of Indian name?

400No, we don’t have DVD players in the rooms.

400This room is only available through Wednesday.

400Come on, dear, we’re going down the street to the Holiday Inn.