This morning, Sarah and I went to Shillito Park to play in the playground. While we were there, we went over to the GeoCache that I had found on Thursday. I did not have anything with me to swap out with what was there, on Thursday, so I had taken something with me today to swap out. So, I went to where the thing was hidden, got it out, and let Sarah pick something out of it, replacing it with what we had brought.

Sarah promptly cancelled most of the other stuff that we had scheduled for the day, and decided that we needed to spend the rest of the day “treasure hunting.” We found three caches, and looked for one other, which we were unable to find. Sarah enjoyed it all at least as much as I did.

If you’re not familiar with GeoCaching, you should take a look at It’s basically a treasure hunt with a GPS, and it is very cool, and a lot of fun.

By the way, we found:
Belleau Woods Cache
Another Li’l Cache in a Pretty Li’l Park
“Wave” at me

We looked for, but did not find:
GardenSide Treasure