Coordinates -> links

Here is my first attempt at a WordPress plugin. Coordinates that appear in a particular format get converted to a link to my cgi GPX generator. This is only the first proof-of-concept version. Hopefully the links will be more useful in the near future, including a link to a map of the area. The coordinte format is:,yydyy.yyy where that’s a literal d, and the x and y are the latitude and longitude coordinates, respectively. Coordinates may be preceeded with – to indicate S and W, respectively.

Hmm. I wonder if I got longitude and latitude confused …

(Update: ok, there was a bug, but it seems to be fixed now.)

Please note that the code is largely cargo-culted from and, as such, may contain one or more things that I don’t completely understand yet. I expect the code will improve as my understanding of it improves. Patches welcome. Code released under the HJTI license.