Caching Barefoot

(With apologies to Wil …)

Last night I attended the Geocky Summer Blast at 37d58.917,-084d37.944 (On a related note, I’m working on a WordPress plugin that will automatically convert coordinates, in reasonable formats, to a series of links, to a GPX file, a LOC file, and a map of the location. Stay tuned.)

There were perhaps 25 geocachers in attendance. Good food, a great time with friends, and 5 on-site event-only geocaches which were actually pretty challenging. One of them even attacked me. I am not making this up.

A zillion thanks to “Maxine & Me” and to Debbie, of course. And to the General, too, I suppose, grudgingly. 😉

I haven’t done much geocaching in about a month, and I think that, maybe, if I get certain “must do” projects done today, I’ll go caching this afternoon. And maybe I’ll actually get out to Wilmore to do some much needed maintenance on Burning Bush, stage two of which is reported either missing or washed away or damaged in some way.