Caching towards St Louis

On Sunday I’ll be heading out towards St. Louis, where I’ll be teaching a week-long Apache training class.

It’s my goal, on the way out there, and while there, to cross the 200 mark on geocaches found. I’m at 122 right now, so this is a significant goal, I think.

I’ve picked out several small towns on the way out there, and made 100-cache radius searches around them, so that on the way out, I can stop frequently along the way and search. It’s about a 5 hour drive, and I expect it will take me at least twice that long.

I set up a bunch of Pocket Queries to give me the caches to load onto my Palm and GPSr, but they didn’t show up. I just figured out this morning that it’s because they come as zip file attachments, and my MTA drops zip files, due to the latest rash of viruses arriving as zip file attacments. Duh. So hopefully over the next few days I’ll get all the files that I need for the trip.

I’m driving, and I’ll be taking two laptops with me so that I’ll have all the necessary hardware and software to do this trip. I need Windows for some of my stuff, and Linux for the training class itself. So this evening I’ll be taking *everything* out of Rocinante, including the seats, so that I have room for all the junk I need to take.

I’m actually really looking forward to this trip. 🙂