Analog Blog 5

** Transcribed from the original manuscript **

This campsite makes me feel like an amateur detective. Alas, I’ve destroyed the crime scene.

The last people to camp here had horses – at least two, but perhaps more. There were at least three people in the party, and they had ramen noodles for their supper. After supper they drank copiously – Bud Lite for most of them, but one of them drank Smirnoff Ice.

While they sat around the campfire drinking, one whittled a short stick, which he then threw into the woods. A few of the bottles followed the stick into the woods.

Oh, and they also had corn with dinner. And barbecue flavored potato chips. And some drink in one of those little single-serving plastic bottles that the top twists off of.

They probably also had a truck of sime kind, since they left behind a lot of hay. Or perhaps it was just a one-day camping trip, and so no need to conserve the hay. Not sure about this one.

I expect Monk would know.