Analog Blog 4

** Transcribed from the original manuscript **

I’m finding, as usual, that relaxing is very hard work. Fortunately, there’s stuff to do, but I keep wanting to do stuff that requires the Internet.

This morning I read “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho. It has been many moons since the last time I was able to sit and read a whole book at one witting without interruptions. Maybe I’ll read another one this afternoon.

The Alchemist is about persuing your dream, and not being sidetracked by other things. Of course, that is a gross oversimilification. You should read it. It only takes a morning. 🙂

I moved the tent to a flatter spot. Perhaps I’ll sleep better tonight.

Thinking about something Sarah said, while looking at my not-so-great handwriting. “Why don’t you always do your personal best?” Doing your personal best is one of the mantras at her school. It’s a good one. Coelho made me think of this too. The secret of success is to always do your personal best. Figuring out what that means, is, I suppose, a life long quest.

Anyways, it is indeed very relaxing out here. Perhaps I’ll actually make it through the weekend. We’lll see. Next time out, I need to plan the menu a little more carefully. Time to go see what’s for lunch.