2112: Rush week 9

2112 is this week’s (well, actually last week’s, but I’ve been traveling) Rush album. This one, too, I originally had only on bootleg cassettes from a friend far away, mixed in with some other stuff, and so I haven’t really listened to it as an album very many times.

What I remember from that long-ago first listening was annoyance that 2112 wasn’t an adaptation of a book. Where’s the rest of the story? Wikipedia says that it is “based on a story by Peart”, but where is the rest of that story? It also says that it’s based on Anthem, by Rand, which I suppose I can buy, but I’m much too old now to read Rand. Rand is for idealistic teenagers who believe that dystopia is avoidable.

Anyways, I always enjoyed the 2112 story, and was less of a fan of the stuff on the flipside, but it’s grown on me over the years.

Last year when Lee’s book came out, there was chatter on Rush Reddit about how shocked people were that there were lots of drugs on the early tours. Makes me wonder if they ever listened to Passage to Bangkok. Really, folks?

I know a lot of folks are not fans of Tears – that the band themselves say that it’s not a favorite with them – but I like it. Something I always appreciated about Rush was that their “love songs” are not syrupy, but are actually poetry, for the most part.

The other songs on the B side are … ok. Not in my list of favorites, though.

It was good to listen with new ears, so to speak. Thanks again, Craig.