Writing, again

I’m writing again. This is good, but it’s been pretty hard to get started.

I’m writing two different things. One of which, I suppose I shouldn’t tell you about, since it could hurt the sales of a book that I already have out. Of course, all of my loyal readers already own copies of all of my books, right? Right?

The other thing is a work of fiction that I’ve been working on, on and off, mostly off, for about 3 years. I think. Anyways, it’s been a long time. And precious little progress has been made in that time. But suddenly, the book makes more sense to me, and I can see the parts of it more clearly, and how they fit together, and I’m once again excited about writing it. I still find fiction a little frightening. The way that stories seem to write themselves is a little alarming. When I try to figure out the entire story, it seems to kill it. If I just start writing, the story comes out by itself, as though it already existed fully-formed, waiting to spring from my forehead like Persephone, or whoever the heck that was. Athena, perhaps? I forget.

My resolution to write something every day is going pretty well, so far. Well, not *every* day, but almost every day. And I’m taking pictures almost every day, too, and one or two of them have turned out pretty well.

Ok, back to writing. I have a deadline this weekend, and I need to get busy so that I still have some time left to procrastinate.