Wil Wheaton, a geek like me

One of the highlights of yesterday was a trip over to Powell’s technical bookstore, which is the most amazing bookstore I have ever been in. Let’s put it this way: This is the only bookstore that I have *ever* been in which has a better Apache collection than I do. 😉

Anyways, Wil Wheaton was there, reading from, and signing, his new book, “Dancing Barefoot.” I have to admit that I didn’t expect much, but I was very impressed. It’s stories about his time on Star Trek, but, more than that, it’s about being young, and a geek, and unsure of oneself, and trying to deal with the world. He read one story, and an excerpt from another. He’s a very good writer. And he was very good at reading it as well.

I got a signed copy of the book, and have already enjoyed a number of the stories.

See also his remarks about it, and about the conference. He seems like a pretty cool guy.