Where did I go?

In 2005, I travelled more than I have any other year, but I didn’t really keep particularly good records, and so I’m not entirely certain where I went. I suppose that if I went back through this journal, it would probably all be there, but even that I’m not certain of. Here’s where I think I went.

January: West Palm Beach, FL, Apache training.
March: New York, NY, ApacheCon (EU) planners meeting
April: Moscow, Russia, Open Source Forum Russia
May/June: Spokane, WA, CCCU Technology Conference
June: Tampa, FL, Apache training
July: Stuttgart, Germany, ApacheCon Europe
July: San Diego, CA, ApacheCon (US) planners meeting
August: Portland, OR, O’Reilly Open Source Software Convention
September: Cincinatti/Covington, KY, Kentucky Higher Education Computing Conference
October: Columbus, OH, Ohio LinuxFest
October: Orlando, FL, Educause
December: San Diego, CA, ApacheCon US
December: Bordentown, NJ, Christmas vacation.

Somewhere in there are several road trips to Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee for camping and/or hiking. At least 3 of those, but there may be more that I’m forgetting.

Sarah and I have decided that this year I will travel much less. I’m not exactly sure what that means that I’ll give up. But, it’s not like the invitations are pouring in 😉 , so I don’t expect that I’ll have to turn down anything exciting. There was a possibility of going to OSBC World Conference in Malaga, Spain, but that has fallen through for a variety of reasons. But you folks that are in that area really should go. It’s sure to be a *fantastic* conference.