When you reach me, by Rebecca Stead

I just finished reading When You Reach Me, by Rebecca Stead. It won the Newbery award this year, so I figured it would be worth reading.

I found the book rather disappointing. In the last few pages, all of the bizarre and confusing things that happened through the book are all explained, and everything falls in place but the fact is that until that moment, the book is hard work to get through. I think it’s unlikely that my kids, anyway, would persist through to that Ahah! moment, and so would dismiss the book with their usual designation of “boring.”

Added to that, the book relies heavily on the reader being familiar with “A Wrinkle in Time”, a book which (yes, I know, it’s heresy) I can’t stand. So, if you’re familiar with Wrinkle, and if you liked it, perhaps this will resonate with you. But it really didn’t work much for me.

Here’s a review that completely disagrees with me.