What’s happening in Kosovo

Although various of my friends have mentioned that there’s widespread killing, and destruction of monasteries and churches in Kosovo – the Albanians doing this to the Serbians – I can’t find anything about this in the news.

There have been a couple vague mentions of violence and that 28 people were killed. I can’t find *any* mention of destruction of religious buildings, although I have looked in more than 4500 news sources.

Furthermore, the vague references to what’s going on all suggest that NATO is doing everything in their power to prevent further bloodshed, while the article referred to by the OCA folks seems to suggest that they are doing nothing.

I find all of this very odd/suspicious/strange/troubling. While I have come to mistrust – well, most of the time, actively disbelieve – the mainstream US media outlets, it would seem that looking at news.google.com on a regular basis would give me enough of a spread of new sources that the overall effect would be that I’d get at least most of the truth most of the time.

So, what’s actually going on over there, and who is putting the spin on things to advance their own particular agenda? Is the conflict primarily the latest incarnation of the ongoing ethnic war that’s been going on for a few hundred years (or since Ishmael, depending on how you count) or is this an organized Jihad?