What I got done

When I go on trips, where I’m away from work and distractions, I take a long list with me of things I want to get done. Ususally, this also involves carrying a lot of additional weight along so that I can get those things done. This time, since I drove, I had even more room for stuff like that.

So, what I planned to get done:

  1. Write the latest in my series of articles.
  2. Finish reading Pirx the Pilot and Chasing Shadows so that I can start reading the latest Harry Potter tome.
  3. Figure out my training schedule for the rest of the year.
  4. Start some serious work on the book I’m writing with Chris.
  5. Find at least another 50 geocaches.
  6. Get code working for GeoEat.com
  7. Various other assorted things, including several things I wanted to write/edit/rewrite for the Apache docs.

What I actually got done

  1. Had good Ethiopian food. Twice. Mmmm.
  2. Spoke at the St. Louis Perl Mongers about, of course, Apache.
  3. Found 8 geocaches
  4. Got some preliminary OO-ish stuff working for the underlying GeoEat stuff, but got sidetracked on a Geo::Caching module that may or may not ever make it to CPAN.
  5. … um … well, that’s all.

So, I’ve decided, the next time I go on one of these trips, I’m not going to take anything more than a good book. And a few hundred geocaching waypoints. And … um … some other stuff. Yeah, that’s all. And my laptop. And … stuff.