What do you want to eat today?

Today’s lunch is brought to us by Microsoft. Thank you, Microsoft.

And a pox upon all the silly people who feel *obliged* to take this opportunity to snipe at them. Being anti-microsoft is getting boring.

ok, let’s see, where are we?

Finishing up last minute run-through of my talk for after lunch. Just went to Randal Schwartz’s talk on mod_perl. It was very good, but needed at least twice the time.

Last night’s events were all excellent. Larry Wall’s State Of The Onion was, as usual, unexpected. (If that makes any sense.) And it made me think, unavoidably, that we have this great treasure in jars of clay. And we are all blessed to live in the same era as some of these great thinkers with whom we share this venue.

Paul Graham was funny and brilliant. I hope that a transcript is available somewhere, as I fear that I was aready fading by then, and missed much of it.

And Damian was Damian. I had heard that talk at least once before, perhaps twice. But it was fascinating with a largely non-Perl audience to hear the reactions.

And the keynotes this morning, also, were very good. Tim O’Reilly and Robert Lefkowitz were both excellent, and even insightful. I recommend reading these talks if they are available. Of course, neither will be quite as worthwhile in print, but it gives an idea.