West Palm, day one

First, the hotel. Oh, my. What can I say? It is certainly not without its charms. The little courtyards are nice. And the formed platic rocking chairs … well, you don’t see those every day. Anyways, it wasn’t quite what I expected. But, I don’t require much of a hotel – just a place to keep me out of the rain while I sleep – so it’s not too much of a disappointment.


This morning, I headed the wrong direction down Olive for about 8 miles, and so arrived at class at about 9:02. The students arrived over the next 30 minutes. Apparently, few people in the facility were aware that a training would be taking place, so a number of people were led astray.

Day one went well, except for the usual day one glitches with networking and missing software. But on the whole, pretty good.

I attempted some geocaching in the evening, but didn’t find anything. So I went down to the beach and put my toes in the ocean.

There’s still quite a bit of damage from the hurricane, but really only if you know to look for it. They’ve done a good job of cleaning up. A lot of road signs are still missing, though, and this made navigation a little tricky Sunday night.