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I’ve yet again been subjected to a Slashdotting in response to my earlier remarks about PHP. Unfortunately, this time around, the story was rather far off in its interpretation of my remarks.

For Pete’s sake, folks, maybe you could actually read what is said before you unleash Slashdot on me.

A few clarifications:

I do *NOT* speak for the entire Apache community. Remarks that I make are my remarks, and are not supposed to represent the feelings of the entire Apache community.

I am *NOT* either pissed off, or angry, and it is *not* about PHP not recommending the use of Apache 2.0. It’s about them actively discouraging the use of Apache 2.0, for somewhat incorrect reasons. That’s *NOT* the same thing.

I am *NOT* saying that everyone should migrate to Apache 2.0. I don’t think you’ll see me saying that anywhere. Sure, it would be nice if people migrated, but some people don’t have any particular reason to. I’ve *NEVER* been an advocate of upgrading for the sake of upgrading, and that goes for almost all software. However, if people have a legitimate reason to move to 2.0, it is irritating that their reason for not doing so is a remark on the PHP web site which is, in my opinion, based on fallacy.

It bugs me that when I bring this up, the response is “I don’t want to migrate to 2.0 because 1.3 is rock solid.” That’s wonderful, but *completely* unrelated to what I’m talking about.

Yes, perhaps the term “FUD” was ill chosen in this context. Sorry. I was trying to provoke a conversation. Fortunately, the folks on PHP-DEV are intelligent enough that it provoked the right conversation. That’s very encouraging. The conversation is not about whether everyone should move to 2.0. It’s about whether PHP should actively discourage this move, or whether they should give helpful information to folks that *want* to make that move.

I sincerely hope that folks can grasp the distinction that I’m trying to make. Apparently “anonymous reader” was unable to do so. And, as a result, my poor little web server is having fits.