We both appear to be misunderstood

Hacking Log 2.0

Well, Andy, I seem to have been just as misunderstood as you, and I humbly apologize for appearing to take pot-shots at you. I really did not mean to offend, either by my comments here, or my comments on the mailing list.

You have good ideas, and people are probably overly anxious to criticize, when they could spend that time making constructive contributions. And, without any sarcasm, I admire your passion, your drive, and your obvious desire to get stuff done. It seems that too many of us have lost that over the years.

What I, personally, took umbrage at, was the implication that the processes put in place were there purely to slow down the wheels of progress. You say that you did not intend that implication, and I accept that, and withdraw my comments, with apologies for accusing you of those ideas.

I cannot take up on your offer to fill in those documents and processes, because, clearly, I understand them even less than you do. HTTPd is a world apart from the exciting bleeding-edge projects that go on in the rest of the ASF, and many of us are just as happy it is that way. If nothing else, it makes the books sell better.

I’m sorry I came across as being critical of you personally, or of your obvious passion for the projects that you are part of. As I tried to express on the mailing list, when I ask “why the heck are things the way they are”, I am usually genuinely asking that question, not saying “you are a bad and evil person for making things that way.”

And, just so I’m not disingenuosly hiding behind an alias, I am the guy in the picture there.