At a time when I’m just starting to get re-interested in location aware web thingies, and location aware (GPS) technology in general, Jeremy Irish, who is probably most responsible for popularizing Geocaching, has started Waymarking, which is a more general “tag this location” service. He’s phrased it as a game, but I think it’s probably much more interesting as a general location thing. Locations of Wi-Fi Hotspots, for example, is the obvious one, but there are many many more categories of interesting things, general points of interest, restaurants, and other stuff.

A year or two ago I bought geoeat.com, and eventually let it lapse due to lack of time and design ability. The idea was to allow people to geo-tag their favorite restaurants, so that eventually I could go to any city, look up an Ethiopian restaraunt, and know exactly how to get there. Yes, it was *entirely* self-serving. Now, I think I’ll just set up a category for that at waymarking.com, and let them do the work for me.