My main server (not this one, another one) has been acting exceedingly flakey lately, with significant outages caused by load up over 80 at times. Since that’s my main DNS server, this has had the side-effect of making many of my websites, as well as several other domains, unusable.

It’s an old refurb machine, because Mikro-data, my ISP, are awesome, and offered me a refurb at a rate that I could actually afford. Well, I let them know that the machine was having heartburn, and asked what we could do about it.

Today they yanked the existing processor, replaced it with two other ones, and doubled the memory. Just because they rock.


cpu MHz : 496.668
Mem: 126180


cpu MHz : 496.671
cpu MHz : 496.671
Mem: 255896

Sure, it’s still not a high-end server, but it’s what I need, and they just did it because it was the right thing to do. Did I mention that they rock? They do. Wonderful people.