Tuesday at ApacheCon

Tuesday – ApacheCon 2005
Rescued from my Palm …

And there was evening, and morning, the second day. Or fourth. Depending on how you count.

Last night, I went to see The Incredibles with about 30 Apache guys. The movie was brilliant, and very very funny. We got back in around midnight, although some of the folks went to some casino or other after that, I think. I had a talk at 8:30 this morning, so I really needed to get some sleep. It was hard enough to get up this morning.

I had my mod_perl talk first thing this morning, and something went very weird with my slides. I think what happened was that I regenerated my slides right before the talk, but I had the older version still in my browser cache. So about halfway through, when I switched to the new version, or perhaps the browser cache expired – I don’t know – I suddenly got about 6 of the slides over again. I don’t know if that means I missed some material, or what it meant. But it was very flustering. I could tell I was speaking way too fast, and I couldn’t seem to do much about it. I finished about 10 minutes early. But there were good questions, so that was ok.

After that I had my URL Mapping talk, which is an easy talk and one of my favorites. This went very well, although I ran slightly over. Lots of very good questions. I might think about rewriting this talk for next time. If there is a next time.

After and during lunch I was in a discussion/meeting/debate of HTTPd developers, discussing what the release schedule should be, and, much more significantly, what the plan and goals should be. It was very cool to be involved in that, and to be able to contribute to what seems to be a very significant decision.

I attended most of the mod_proxy talk, but spent most of the rest of the afternoon in conference committee meetings. There should be an announcement later in the week, but that will have already happened before I get this on my webisite, so I can tell you that we have tentatively agreed to to ApacheCon Europe in Stuttgart the next-to-last week of July 2005.

Tonight, a bunch of us are going to the new Star Trek ride at the Hilton. Should be very cool.