Training, anyone

So, after having to give up running my own business, because there weren’t enough people out there who wanted Apache training, and who had the budget to pay for it, now I have 4 full training classes lined up, and it’s inconvenient because I have to take time off of work to go do them. And I find myself having to decide whether I think it’s sustainable – enough so that I should, say, quit my job, or go onto a part-time, contractor kind of basis, and focus on the business again.

It’s pretty scary – if I do, and if I don’t. It’s what I want to be doing, but the uncertainty is a little alarming. Being so reliant on finding 4 or 5 warm bodies to fill seats for a week, is a little undertain one month to another. Now, if we had a good salesperson …

Dunno, it’s a lot to think about.