Training again

A new training class started yesterday. And although I only have one student, it’s good to be teaching again.

To complicate things further, I seem to have lost my vga extension cables, which I use to connect my laptop to the projector. So I’m actually sitting next to the student and doing a sort of one-on-one tutoring. This seems to be working out pretty well, except that the student is somewhat too knowledgeable, so the material is going rather faster than scheduled. I hate it when the student is too smart! 😉

We have another class scheduled for next month, and it seems that it will actually have more than one attendee. This is an enormous stroke of good fortune, but it looks like I’ll still have to plan to make an exit after June. Most of the new training opportunities involve travelling hither and yon around the country, and around the world, and I’m just not ready to take on the life of a travelling minstrel.

Mental note: Avoid the frozen land of Nador.