Too many projects

So, once again, I’ve arrived at the point of having too many things going on at the same time, and so being incapable of getting anything done. I’m working on two books (one Apache, one fiction) and there are at least a half-dozen books that I need/want to read. I’m trying to get 3 different servers running the way that I need them to (and one of them seems obdurately determined not to cooperate). I really want to spend some time getting up to speed with the Perl DateTime project, which I played a small part in getting off of the ground, and have subsequently abandoned due to Apache stuff. And there are a few things that I want to get done on Apache – notably, several of the howtos are crap and need redone, and there are a number of other howtos that I want to write. Oh, yeah, and I have this great idea for a series of articles, of which I’ve written the first one.

Apparently I need to get my ToDo list back into RT and try to get priorities assigned. Oh, yeah, that would mean that I need to get that server operating again, and get RT installed. And then … um … there we go again.