Today’s caching

Today I found two, and hid one, geocache.

Found “Neither Hill Nor Dale”, which was an interesting hiding place. Actually, I looked at this spot when I went out there the first time, and could not figure out how it could be a cache hiding spot, but thought it would be neat if someone could figure out how.

Found “Graven Images” which is in a graveyard a few feet from a busy road in Lexington. It’s really quite sad, as it is unmaintained, and all of the headstones are in terrible condition. One grave reads only “In loving memory of”, which is sad and ironic at the same time. I’m inclined to do some research on this family, but I know, given my schedule, that I will never get around to it. The graves date to the 1880s, I think, although it’s rather hard to make out. So … not so very long ago, really.

I hid “Little red riding HOOD”, which, since it has not been approved yet, I won’t tell you where it is. But I got rather cut up with thorns in the process of hiding it.