Time Cube

Many thanks to Dave Barry for pointing me to the Time Cube web site. I no longer have to live in ignorance and stupidity.

Now … what is he talking about?

[[ Due to the unrelenting drivel posted in the comments of this article, and the refusal of people to leave me alone and take their mindless hogwash elsewhere, I’ve just gone ahead and closed further comments on this thread. In case you missed it, I was *MOCKING* the absurdity of the site, not encouraging people to debate and discuss it as though it was actually a serious scientific theory.

Geez, folks, it’s not about being closed minded, it’s about opening your eyes when the sun comes up in the morning. Serious scientific theories must mesh with *reality* in order to be taken seriously. As Albert Einstein observed, no amount of experimentation can prove me right, but one experiment can prove me wrong.

Please take your foolish commentary elsewhere. Thanks. ]]