The World Is Flat In Apache

Sanjiva is giving a great presentation on how the ASF flattens the world. He has given examples from the way that the Incubator treats HUGE companies as compared to how we treat one-person projects (ie, no preferential treatment simply because you happen to be a multi-billion dollar company). And he talked about how our model brings the developers in direct contact with the users. And he’s talked about how being involved in ASF projects gives you the opportunity to be part of a global community, and make a difference in your world. And he’s talking about how people in all skills have a place that they can fit into an Open Source project.

It’s always fascinating to me how folks outside of the US and Europe really *get* Open Source in ways that are completely different than the way that folks inside the US and Europe get it. It’s very cool, and gives a great new perspective on how involvement in Open Source matters in the world at large, particularly in companies that must otherwise be very dependent on the USA for their information economies.