The Walmartization of our stores

I just realized an unfortunate side effect of the Walmartization of our grocery stores. Well, one of many. Tomorrow is officially “Avoid Shopping Venues Like The Plague Day.” However, since my grocery store is now also the general store, I can’t go grocery shopping without encountering 478,000 crazed pre-pre-Christmas shoppers intent on killing one another in the name of holiday cheer.

On roughly the same note, I got a frightening piece of spam yesterday. Technically, it wasn’t spam, because it was from a vendor from whom I occasionally buy services, so I suppose they have legitimate reason to contact me. The subject was “This Christmas, Shop Like A Pro.” The only possible interpretation I can come up with for that sentiment is that they want me to spend as much money as possible, but they’re attempting to phrase it in such a way that it will make me feel like that is a great accomplishment.

It’s no wonder people get stressed out about “the holidays.”

And so, I wish you a blessed day of giving thanks, and a joyous Advent. I find that ignoring “The Holidays” is a healthy approach, since “The Holidays” is purely a creation of folks that want you to spend money you don’t have for things you don’t need. Give thanks, enjoy the anticipation of Advent, and tell your mother you love her.