The spam continues

Since Sunday morning, mod_security has blocked 816 attempts to post spam content in the comments on this web site. Two of those have happened while I was typing this note. Additionally, I’ve received about 20 or 30 apparent “test” messages, where people posted harmless, but off-topic, nonsense, apparently in attempts to see if comments were enabled, or working, or if their address was blocked, apparently.

Almost all of these attempts were on the same small handful of topics (a card game and a diet pill) although there were also plenty for other topics like financial advice of one variety or another.

Are other people getting assaulted to this same degree? It continues to amaze me the enormous amount of time and money we spend combatting this kind of unethical behavior, which is all done in the name of the Great God Capitalism.

Come on, folks. Cut it out. It’s just annoying. and it is theft of services to advertise your product on my website, so it’s probably illegal. If you want to advertise on my website, just send me a cheque, ok?