The sound of coming rain

On Sunday, I went out to my parents’ house for lunch. I had the top down, but as I approached Wilmore, the dark clouds got darker, and I knew I just had a few minutes. I pulled into the driveway, got the top up, and was starting on the windows when I heard the rain coming. It sounded like a car coming down the road, as it swept down the road, and over the houses. And, sure ’nuff, just about the time I expected it to arrive, suddenly it was pouring, as I struggled to get the last few windows on.

It reminded me of rain coming in Kenya. You could see it coming. It would be bone dry, but you could see the rain coming like a curtain approaching over the hills. And you could hear it long before it arrived – the hissing, pattering sound. The curtain would reach you, and it would be pouring. Then, just as quickly, it would stop, and you could watch the rain travel on its way.

The rain in Kericho was very predictable. During the rainy season, it rained at 4 in the afternoon. You could watch it coming, and you had just enough time to get inside before it hit.