The president on IRC?

<DrBacchus> Excuse me a moment while I kill my neighbor.
<DrBacchus> There. I feel a little better now.
<cynic> Harsh.
<DrBacchus> You don’t know my neighbor.
<DrBacchus> Of course, now you never will.
<DrBacchus> I wonder if IRC transcripts are admissible as admissions of guilt in court.
<chipig> it could of been faked.
<DrBacchus> True.
<DrBacchus> fajita: forget everything!
<fajita> DrBacchus: I forgot everything
<DrBacchus> *phew*
<chipig> if i had windows, i could just open notepad and write an irc log…
<DrBacchus> At least the bot won’t talk.
<chipig> Bush Admits there weren’t WMDs in Iraq, admission found in IRC log!
<DrBacchus> The day we have a president that hangs out on IRC, I’ll move to Canada.
<chipig> heh
<DrBacchus> I’m terrified of the prospect of my generation being in the Oval Office.
<DrBacchus> Imagine ThePrez emailing congress: yo guyz lets’ bom irak lol. kk?
* DrBacchus shudders