The Dark Tower

I just got done listening to all 7 parts of the Dark Tower series, from

Wow. That man is truly a great writer.

Oh, and, in spite of several of the reviews on Amazon saying that the ending was foreshadowed and completely expected, I was absolutely and entirely unprepared for it.

There’s this delightful little bit near the end where he tries to talk you out of reading the rest of the story. If you’re a real story lover, he says, you’ll stop here. Of course, I couldn’t. And I think I made the right choice. Kinda a cheap trick, if you ask me, trying to tell people not to read the end of the story.

Rather like “There’s a monster at the end of this book,” but slightly more high-brow.

Anyways, wow. Decidely the best book (and it really is one book, not 7) that I’ve read in many many years.