That’s not what he said

I’ve heard some rather inflamatory stuff about the pope lately, but, in the spirit of Slashdot, it’s important to actually read the article. That’s not what he said. For those who don’t want to read the article, here’s my impression of what happened over the last week.

Pope: A long-dead dude said that Islam is evil and inhuman. I find his attitude abhorrent, and want greater dialogue between faiths. The important point is that violence is imcompatible with the nature of God.

Irresponsible reporters: *Gasp* The pope said that Islam is evil and inhuman!!

Millions of people who didn’t read or hear the speech: Grrr!! You must apologize!!

Pope: I’m very sorry you misunderstood what I said

Angry people: That’s not good enough! Grrr!!

Yes, obviously, I’m oversimplifying, but this is not a story of an intolerant catholic church. It’s a story of irresponsible journalism, boiling down a 7-page speech to the one phrase that would sell the most papers, but which didn’t actually tell the story truthfully.

Come on, folks, read the WHOLE SPEECH, and make your own conclusion, rather than merely believing AP, whose sole purpose is to sell stories.