OK, last one for tonight.

So I mentioned that the telemarketers were calling me repeatedly. And I have a policy of not answering the phone if I don’t recognize the number. If they really need to talk to me, they’ll leave a message, and maybe I’ll pick up.

But I finally answered one of the “no caller id” calls, just to see.

It was a long-distance company, calling to confirm my request to change to their service. They asked for various personal details. I said, huh? They said, please confirm your mailing address, so that we can finalize your order.

I finally got her to stop and explain to me what she was calling about, at which point I was able to persuade her that, no, I did not request that they take over my long distance service, and that, no, I was not going to provide them with all sorts of personal details, and could they please please please stop calling me.

The “no caller id” calls have stopped. It’s been very nice.