Tek11 is just a month away, and you should come. PHPTek is one of the best conferences I attend, always full of practical, usable presentations. It’s primarily a PHP conference, but also has a great deal of web-related content and awesome people to hang out with.

This year, I’ll be giving two talks.

The first, N Things You Didn’t Know Apache Could Do is a high-speed sprint through N features of Apache HTTP Server (N is currently 25, I think) that, in my experience, most folks are unaware of. And, with the release of 2.4 imminent, much of this content will be focused on the cool new stuff in 2.4.

My second talk, Write A Better FM, is completely new content for me, and is about what it takes to make your documentation and your customer support more customer-focused, and less … ahem … traditional, free software, the luser is an idiot and an annoyance, RTFM style. This draws on my 15 or so years of working in Open Source documentation, in the Perl, Apache, and PHP communities, as well as writing a half-dozen books.

In addition to these two talks, there will be many community luminaries giving a wide range of talks which, if the last 4 years are any measure, you’ll be able to go back to the office and apply immediately.

You should come.