Tech support

This morning I had to put a new battery in Rocinante. It’s at times like this when I feel what folks must feel when they come into #apache for the first time.

From the condecending look on the face of the expert (that’s the same everywhere), to asking whether Apache 1.3 or 2.0 is better (“Is there any difference between then $80 battery and the $30 battery?”) to asking if they can set two different DocumentRoots for the same server (“Does the battery come with an initial charge, or do I have to have you guys charge it”) to asking where they need to put that directive (“Ok, so where do I put this thing?”) to finally figuring out what different settings on Options *really* does (“Oh, I didn’t need to take that nut all the way off. I just needed to loosen it, because this thingy goes into that whoogit!”).

So, when people ask me how I can be so patient on #apache, it’s really quite simple. I know that I’m far more ignorant than the folks asking the questions, it’s just about different things.