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A few years ago, I read about some stuff that would make poison ivy stop itching, It was supposedly the only thing that would actually wash away the oil from the ivy. I found some online. It was about $50 for 2 ounces. And, besides, I didn’t actually believe it would work.

Well, I got poison ivy again this week, and I have been quite miserable. Today, my Beloved found some stuff at the pharmacy called Tecnu, and got it for me. I used it to wash my arm, which was all red and blistery and itching hijjus, and it was immediately better. The red was gone, the blisters were receding, and the itch had stopped. Just like that. Gone.

I was still kind of skeptical, and, indeed, the itch has come back a little, but just a little, and only in the spots that I didn’t wash as thoroughly, or the spots where the skin was already broken.

I’m truly amazed. If you suffer from poison ivy, you must try this stuff.