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Book 25: Men At Arms

We recently finished reading Men At Arms, which is the 15th Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett. The books in this series vary in quality, and this is one of the best yet. The characters in this book are ones we already know and love, and they’re drawn more human (or Dwarf, as the case may be) than before.

We really love this series. (have I mentioned that before?) On finishing this book, we made an attempt to start I Am The Cheese, but after a chapter or so, started in on Soul Music.

Book 7: Small Gods

One of the many Disc World books I missed on the first time through, Small Gods follows the last believer of the Great God Om on his journey to Ephebe and back. Om is about to cease to exist, due to nobody believing in him any more, and, due to a small miscalculation, or perhaps the universe’s sense of humor, is in the form of a small tortoise.

Although bordering on blasphemy much of the time, the book manages to be both very funny, and rather insightful about religion – or, more accurately, the organizations that surround religion.

A must if you’re a Pratchett fan, but probably give it a miss otherwise.