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OSCon, day 2

I’ve been in an Extreme Programming class all day, and it has been very useful, although I’m not sure 1) that it is immediately applicable to my job or 2) that I could really say *how* it is useful.

In part, it was cool in that we worked on a cool project, which looks interesting to continue working on after today.

OSCon Day 1

07/07/03 15:45:29

Not much to say so far today. I gave my “intro to apache” talk this morning, which, by some great miracle, I managed to finish on time, even though the first hour of the talk took an hour and a half. This afternoon I went to the first half of the DocBook talk, but was getting nothing out of it. Admittedly, it was a pretty good introduction, but by the end of the first half, I feel that he’s unlikely to get to anything that will teach me something I don’t know.

So, for the second half, I intend to attend Schwern’s talk on testing. I think I’ve been to this talk before, but I’m sure it will be entertaining, if nothing else.

Meanwhile, the network is down, which is irritating me a great deal.

Tomorow I’m supposed to attend the Extreme Programming talk all day. That could be interesting, or it could be a lot of stuff I already know. I really am not quite sure yet.

Some time in the morning, it seems that something on the network was producing a ton of UDP traffic, and killing the network. Now there are signs all over the place telling OSX users to turn off Rendezvous to help save the network.

So, I want to complain and moan on IRC, but, of course, I can’t get to IRC. It’s deeply annoying, and merely serves to increase my irritation. Sort of a feedback loop of sorts.

Caching in Portland, chapter 1

Sitting at 45°29.858N, 122°42.511W, a few hundred feet from the first find of the day – Council Crest. The idea was to have a short stroll before breakfast. It was just 1.75 miles. 2 hours later, and probably 5 miles of switchback, I found it.

I left a hot wheels, a Chrisman Mill wine cork, and a travel bug called Rock Climbing General.

It is also worth mentioning that when I stepped out of the hotel, I was at 9 feet elevation, and I’m now at 1038 feet elevation. About 300 feet of that was up one set of stairs!

Photos at http://buglet.rcbowen.com/photos/2003/Jul/OSCon/Geocaching/

OSCon, day 0

07/06, 7:25am
OSCon Day 0

It being 3 hours from my time zone, I woke up rather early. I took the opportunity to write a letter to the Transportation Security Administration. I have no illusions that I’ll receive an intelligent response from a real person, however, I have included the entire note below for your edification. Please note that I put a great deal of time and thought into this, and that it is something that I feel very passionately about. Not that I think it’s a great or eloquent note, by any means, but if you have any desire to share all or part of it with anyone else, please feel free to do so. ie, I explicitly place this in the public domain, and heartily encourage you to send it on to your congress critter, if my efforts can in any way help in the fight against the police state that we appear to be slipping into.