OSCon Day 1

07/07/03 15:45:29

Not much to say so far today. I gave my “intro to apache” talk this morning, which, by some great miracle, I managed to finish on time, even though the first hour of the talk took an hour and a half. This afternoon I went to the first half of the DocBook talk, but was getting nothing out of it. Admittedly, it was a pretty good introduction, but by the end of the first half, I feel that he’s unlikely to get to anything that will teach me something I don’t know.

So, for the second half, I intend to attend Schwern’s talk on testing. I think I’ve been to this talk before, but I’m sure it will be entertaining, if nothing else.

Meanwhile, the network is down, which is irritating me a great deal.

Tomorow I’m supposed to attend the Extreme Programming talk all day. That could be interesting, or it could be a lot of stuff I already know. I really am not quite sure yet.

Some time in the morning, it seems that something on the network was producing a ton of UDP traffic, and killing the network. Now there are signs all over the place telling OSX users to turn off Rendezvous to help save the network.

So, I want to complain and moan on IRC, but, of course, I can’t get to IRC. It’s deeply annoying, and merely serves to increase my irritation. Sort of a feedback loop of sorts.