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Mother Jane

This evening was simply amazing.

Mother Jane

We went to dinner at the pub, which is always lovely. When we got home, I was going to get in the pool for a while, so headed out to the back yard …

where I found one of my favorite bands, Mother Jane, set up on the deck, ready to play.


And when I say that they’re one of my favorite bands, it’s not just because they happen to live down the street from us. My wife can attest to the fact that I listen to them all day, a couple days a week, and have all their CDs.

And there they were, sitting there ready to get started, as I was heading out for a dip in the pool.

They just left. I guess they played for over two hours, playing all of my favorites.

My neighbors are amazing, and my wife is even more amazing.

If you haven’t heard Mother Jane, you should listen to their stuff. I’d love for them to sell a million albums and be able to just retire and sit around and enjoy the grass, which is always greener in their yard.