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OpenStack PTG and the Beast From The East

I’m at the OpenStack PTG in Dublin. I’ve started posting some of my videos on my personal YouTube channel – http://youtube.com/RichBowen – as well as on my work channel – http://youtube.com/RDOCommunity.

It turns out we’ve planned an event in the middle of the storm of the century, which the press is calling the Beast From The East.

So far it hasn’t amounted to a lot, but there’s a LOT more snow promised for this afternoon, and the government has warned people to stay off the roads after 4 unless they have a really good reason. Which is disappointing because I have a party planned to start at 6. I’m still trying to get hold of the venue to decide what happens next.

Yesterday I suddenly realized that I had bought my plane ticket for Sunday instead of Saturday by mistake. I quickly booked another hotel room for Saturday night, closer to the airport. Well, it turns out this may have been the most fortunate travel error I’ve made in a long time, as pretty much everything is cancelled for the next few days, and getting out of here on Saturday might have been impossible.

For now, we’re just watching the weather reports, and hoping for the best.



Thomas Butler,
my great great
great great
was a wool weaver.
I hope to find him today,
sleeping in his homespun
at St. Catherine’s.

But my Irish roots are right here
at the breakfast table.

Good Lord, these people know how to eat.

Baked beans, eggs, sausage, bacon,
potato, pudding,
toast and marmalade.

And the coffee is good.

These are surely my people.